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After The Metamor City Podcast went on indefinite hiatus in 2011, I was out of the podcasting world for a few years. I told myself this was because I needed to focus on writing my fiction. I thought that The Metamor City Podcast would return when it was ready, with all the fancy production values that had caught people’s attention the first time.

But I underestimated the amount of time that resurrecting the podcast in that form would take, and without regular feedback from an audience, my motivation to write had waned. In early 2015, I had to admit to myself that The Metamor City Podcast could not be brought back in its earlier form. I needed to reconnect with my fans, and I needed to do it in a way that would push me to keep writing without swallowing up all the time that I had to write.

My friend and podcasting co-conspirator J. Daniel Sawyer hit on the answer: spend 6 hours a week — an average of an hour every day for 6 days — writing new content. Then, on the 7th day, get on the microphone and share a story with the audience. No fancy frills, no vast cast of voice actors, just me, a microphone, and a story to tell.

So I tried it — and I was hooked. In May 2015 I launched¬†The Raven & the Writing Desk to showcase new fiction from me and my personal publishing imprint, Liminal Corvid Press. Between starting this show in 2015 and putting it on hiatus in March 2023, I released 368 episodes of TRATWD, making it one of the longest-running fiction podcasts in the world. The stories I shared on this show would eventually become another eight books, all of which are available in audio form.

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