About Chris

Chris Lester has tried his hand at many trades: marine biologist, title insurance officer, high school science teacher, writer, editor, clinical researcher, microbiologist. Through many ups, downs, derailments, and right-angle turns, two things have remained constant: a passion for storytelling, and the drive to change how people see the world. Whether behind the microphone, at a keyboard or in front of a classroom, Chris never feels more alive than when he’s introducing others to new perspectives and new ideas.

Born in Michigan, trained as a scientist in California and Montana, Chris now makes his home in Madison, Wisconsin. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys hiking trails, paddling down rivers, exploring national parks, reading through an ever-growing pile of books, and playing piano and acoustic guitar. He lives with his partner Melanie, their dogs Cedar and Marco, and three deranged but adorable cats.



Chris is a proud member of The Podcast Academy, which was formed in 2020 to foster excellence and recognize outstanding creative achievement in podcasting.